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  • Tim and I spent the afternoon at buttermilkhandcraftedfood catching up
  • Lent begins tomorrow so we pregamed with seafood grits French
  • This is Celestes handiwork These three actually look quite precious
  • We did stripes for family day at Celestes school Apparently
  • Late have I loved you O beauty ever ancient ever
  • girlsofgroveladderfarm doing their farm chores in style as usual
  • Tim and Celeste are off to the St Marthass Father
  • Im sorry that its a BIT much for me to
  • Rosa Maeve is four years old today! mischiefmaeve
  • Celeste has been working our market booth in the most
  • Cold winds at the Farmers Market! guineveremaris
  • Sweet mischiefmaeve feeling pretty proud of her watercolor of Jack